Scandals 1 1 333x250 - Gospel artistes whose scandalous lives would perfectly create a series

Time and time again gospel artistes have been involved in scandals , that would leave many cringing, but some are entertaining.

Below are scandals gospel artistes have been involved in and which when combined would make a good series.

1. Eko Dydda

Eko Dydda was months ago accused of infidelity by his wife Cynthia Ayugi.

In an angry Instagram post, she said,

“Breaking someone’s marriage is not GODLY, I invited you as a friend, today unasema ambia Eko Dydda not to bring me home because love yenu haita grow.”

‘I found out Eko Dydda was spending nights with my BFF,’ wife reveals

Eko Dydda and wife Cynthia Ayugi - Gospel artistes whose scandalous lives would perfectly create a series
Eko Dydda and hus wife Cynthia

Bahati is cheating on you! Diana Marua breaks down over manager’s confession

According to Cynthia, Eko Dydda was having a relationship with her best friend and hence she decided to walk away from the marriage.

“I did not know they were already in a relationship.

I learnt later after he started sleeping out and they both would not receive my calls.”

2. Bahati

Gospel artiste Bahati has also has his fair share of drama.

At some point he was accused by Mr Seed of calling police to throw out his then pregnant fiancee Nimo Gachuiri.

Mr Seed also said the EMB CEO is a man of ‘madharau’ after going on TV to allegedly lie.

Exclusive: ‘Bahati acha madharau’ Mr Seed responds

Bahati and wife - Gospel artistes whose scandalous lives would perfectly create a series

3. Willy Paul

Former gospel artiste Willy Paul is one artiste whose drama reads like a movie from the 80’s.

Apart from being involved in altercations with a woman in a parking lot, he has been accused of dancing too sensually for a gospel artiste.

‘I hide my child because…’ Willy Paul speaks out

Before shifting to secular music Willy Paul had been hinted at having an affair with Nandy something he strongly refuted.

He has also been accused of ‘fornication’ given that he has a son yet he is not married to the mother of his son.

4. DK Kwenye Beat 

Gospel artiste DK Kwenye Beat was months ago involved in a scandal after a young woman accused him and Hope Kid of infecting her with herpes.

DK, who is majorly known for songs such as ‘Asusu’ and Kereka among others, in a past interview refuted he had made fun of the girl in the saga.

BeFunkyCollage - Gospel artistes whose scandalous lives would perfectly create a series
DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid who are members of the church

Speaking about the incident, DK says that the audio purportedly of him “mocking the lady” was shared by malicious people.



5. Mr Seed

Mr Seed was recently involved in a scandal after fellow gospel artiste Weezdom accused him of having another woman.

A leaked phone call between Mr Seed and Weezdom is making the rounds online.

The phone call is pertaining to a se3 scandal involving gospel artiste Mr Seed and a female fan.

God, kill me if I leaked your scandal! Phone call between Weezdom and Mr Seed–

The female fan claims that Mr Seed lured her into his house under the pretext of helping her in her filmmaking career only for him to force her to engage in coitus

david - Gospel artistes whose scandalous lives would perfectly create a series
David and Mr. Seed in a past photo

The female fan told that Mr Seed then took to maligning her name and hence the reason she has come out with the story.

It now turns out that Mr Seed accused Weezdom of orchestrating the expose, a fact that has angered him to no end.

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