Victor Wanyama Kenya 350x233 - The Fabulous Lifestyle Of Victor Wanyama’s Younger Brother (PHOTOS)

Rich Kids of Instagram have taken over the showbiz industry worldwide.They have been keeping us busy ever since Instagram was launched a few years back. They own what you can never afford.

They Own What You Can Never Afford! Meet The Most Famous Rich Kids Of Kenyan Instagram (PHOTOS)

Well, this week on the Rich Kids of Kenyan Instagram, we feature Harry Wanyama.

Harry is the younger brother to Kenyan football darling Victor Wanyama.

Unlike his siblings who are popular in the sports world, Harry Wanyama isn’t as much of a household name as they are.

The young lad has an entirely different life.

Baraka Tele! Victor Wanyama Becomes First East African To Captain An English Premier League Team

Harry Wanyama’s lifestyle qualifies for this list (Rich kids) just like his sister. From showing off his expensive flashy cars to exquisite drinks, this lad is living the life many only dream of.

If you go through his Instagram account, you will agree with me that Harry Wanyama is living large, below are some of the photos, go through

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