Owiyo 326x217 - ‘Selling nunu would pay better,’ Suzanna Owiyo blasts MCSK

Legendary afro-fusion star Suzanna Owiyo has blasted Music Copyright Society Of Kenya after they paid artistes what they call “peanut royalties”.

According to Suzanna, it is very sad that there are people willing to deny others what is rightfully theirs.

Taking to her twitter to vent, Suzanna wrote,

We have grown as* men/women who sit at the MCSK office denying the artistes their rightful pay. I received this text & didn’t pay much attention to it.

‘Tumechoka!’ Kenyan artistes go ham on MCSK after paying them peanuts

Suzanna owiyo 31 - ‘Selling nunu would pay better,’ Suzanna Owiyo blasts MCSKMCSK are jokers who are slowly killing the industry. Zero interest in supporting the artistes.

Ending the angry rant Suzanna said,

Selling nunu would give [one a much] better pay check.

Suzanna Owiyo - ‘Selling nunu would pay better,’ Suzanna Owiyo blasts MCSK
Suzanna Owiyo

‘What will I tell my children?’ King Kaka blasts MCSK over royalties

Below are some of the reactions by Kenyans towards MCSK. One fan says

Matatu with radio, hotels with TV or radio, bars, clubs, music stores pay at least 5000/= yearly fee. Matatus & buses in Kenya alone would bring in close to a billion shillings.


Another Kenyan expressed her shock at Suzanna’s suggestion that prostitution would pay better than being a Kenyan artiste.

We are all outraged at the MCSK JOKE but Seriously you think prostitution is the only other option to art? SMH

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