TerryAnne Chebet46 250x250 - MALIMWENGU! Is This TerryAnne Chebet’s Long Lost Sister? (PHOTOS)

There are plenty of people across the world that bear a striking resemblance to popular celebrities across the globe and today, I stumbled upon a photo of a Kenyan lady who resembles celebrated Citizen TV TerryAnne Chebet.

10 Photos That Prove That TerryAnne Chebet Looks Better With Short Hair As Compared To Weaves And Wigs

Just like TerryAnne Chebet, the lady is beautiful, gorgeous, sexy and has a face for TV. One can easily confuse her for the sexy TV siren.

Is she TerryAnne Chebet’s long lost sister? The resemblance is uncanny.

Well, check out the photos below and be the judge.

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