Mohammed Ali 350x210 - Meet Ex-Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali’s Beautiful Wife (PHOTOS)

They say behind every successful man there is a supportive woman and I totally agree. Women are the pillars of our society.

They will do anything just to ensure their families are happy; they will stand by their husbands whether they are on the wrong or right- after all, during the exchange of vows, they promise to always be with their better halves for better, for worse.

Well, celebrated Jicho Pevu’s Mohammed Ali is among the very few public figures with the best wives.

Married to the beautiful Rukiya Noordin with whom they are blessed with two adorable children, Mohammed Ali’s wife has kept her life under wraps.

Unlike other women married to popular figures who thrive on controversy and negative headlines, Ali’s wife is different and that’s why little is known about her.

The first and the last time Kenyans had a chance to see her is during their glamorous wedding a few years back.

Apart from his tremendously rabble-rousing job, Mohammed Ali is a loving and caring husband and father.

Just like some people who do not like publicity, the award-winning journalist rarely talks nor exposes his family to the public.

Anyway, if you have never seen Ali’s wife, worry not, here are her photos.

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