mbusii 30307 1501256410358 2646009 n 350x197 - Mungu Halali! Photo of Mbusii 10 Years Ago Looking Broke And Ashy

Life is a journey with turns and bends. You cannot just wake up one day and drive a Range Rover.

You have to pass through various stages for you to achieve your dream unless you were born in a wealthy family.

Githinji Mwangi popularly known to his fans as Mbusii is one such example.

Life up the ladder has not been easy for the reggae music enthusiast. He is among the many who have struggled to get to where they are.

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Mbusii was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Actually, he started working as an office messenger sometimes back and was mistreated by his colleagues.

Look at him now, he climbed the ladder and has become the most sought after radio presenter, thanks to his hard work.

The father of two adorable daughters has become a darling to many and that’s why his show is among the top or rather most listened to radio shows in the country.

Well, I came across these photos of Mbussi from back in the day that will for sure motivate you to work hard.


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