J Blessing director 250x250 - ‘5 mins after praying, I was told my son had died,’ J Blessing recounts

Video director Jibril Blessing, alias J Blessing, together with his ex-lover Chantelle lost their baby four years ago.

Their little bundle of joy Kyle was only six months old when he passed.

Although the two later parted ways, the memories of their son are still fresh in their minds.

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During an interview with Mpasho.co.ke, heartbroken J Blessing talked about losing his son. Narrating the sad experience, he said

When he was sick, he was given an immunization injection and a few week later he passed on.

The multitalented video director, a young father by then said,

During that time I was going through a lot in life and I remember when doctors talked to us about his health status, I was like I’m sure God is going to heal him.

J Blessing spent time praying for his son and had faith that the Almighty would save him.

I went home that night and prayed. Around 8 am I told God please heal my son, you’ve always been in my life but behind the scenes, whereby things happen but I can really confirm if it’s you. Because people talk of God doing miracles in their lives and this was the time I wanted to see Him doing something visible,’ he said.

He was hopeful that a miracle would happen but, unfortunately, things didn’t go his way.

Five minutes after the prayer, I got a call from the hospital that my son had passed away,’ he said.

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J Blessing and his mother had tried all means to ‘heal’ Kyle but their efforts were fruitless.

During that period two weeks periods when my son was sick. My mum and I were so desperate for our son’s healing. we felt like God wasn’t hearing our prayers so we decided to use people as mediators between us and God.

He continued,

Even some of our friends told us to get money (for tithe) and take the child to ‘prayer warriors’ for prayers. A lot happened and we were so desperate for healing.

Later a friend of his together with his brother came with an idea but his ‘ego wouldn’t allow me to do it.’

I was very proud and arrogant at that time. I remember I called every single person that I knew I that I had wronged. That’s when I got a message that God wanted to teach me a lesson.

The situation taught me a lot.

Kyle was a message of reconciliation so if someone tells me I lost my son, I don’t feel like I lost him because right now I’m full of reconciliation.

The ways of God are not our ways. Sometimes we pray for healing and God knows what we really need.

It affected me so much because I love kids. I was brought up alone and went through a lot.

Chantelle’s last message to her son before he was laid to rest read,

I will really really miss you my love, you will always be my son, my first born [with Chantelle], my everything my will was to have you for a 100 yrs but you are an angel that God really wanted, I am blessed to have had you for all those months you taught me a lot, I will always celebrate you my munchkin. I know you’re smiling from above, I love you my son.

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