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Gospel singer Mr Seed was recently exposed for having another child in Mombasa. The Upo hitmaker has never talked about the child and in a candid interview with Mpasho.co.ke, he said,

Even if I have a child it’s my personal business. I choose who to put in the limelight and who not to. As a parent, I can decide what I want for my kids. If I decide to keep my kids out of the limelight it’s none of your business.

Recently, Mr Seed was also exposed for cheating on his wife Nimo Gachuiri and he trended for days. His fellow gospel counterparts exposed him and Weezdom even went on national air to talk about Mr Seed’s infidelities.

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Mr. Seed

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The father of two, told Mpasho.co.ke that no matter what, he will never drag someone’s family in their own personal fights.

You can say anything about me but never touch my family,’ he said.


Respect is important. It hurts to see people drag families in controversies. You can criticize me and my music but respect my family. I can’t fight your family. I’ll deal with you alone.

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