Kenyan Celebs 350x210 - Here Are The Most Annoying Habits Of Kenyan Celebs

The Kenyan showbiz industry is something to smile about. We have seen our celebrities make us proud at one point in history, and we are proud of them. They fly our national flag high with their prowess in music, acting and even in the sports arena, thanks for putting our nation on the world map.

But there are some celebs who embarrass us Kenyans. Whether they are out their representing our country or back home, they will always do things that piss off Kenyans. Well, from sagging trousers and showing off their dirty, torn garments to running away from paying hotel bills, here are the six most annoying behaviours of Kenyan celebs…

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  1. Expecting special treatment

First of all, you should put in mind that you are not a president of any state nor a queen or king of any Monarchy oh please, if you go somewhere, and you are not treated like Obama, do not be angry, you are a no one, you are just a mere Kenyan. Some of these celebs harass common wananchis at entertainment joints, supermarkets, hotels and even in traffic in the name of ‘I am a celebrity’. Humble yourselves before the Lord.

2. Using cheap colognes

You will always come across most of them lined along the CBD shops ready to purchase some cheap colognes ahead of any big event where they have been chosen to perform. Most of those who use cheap colognes and sprays end up smelling like rained on goats and sheep after an electrifying performance on stage. And for the females who rock wigs and weaves? You can imagine how smelly the weaves are. Did you know that cleanliness is next to Godliness?

3.  Borrowing money to sustain their lavish lifestyles

No one has ever died from being broke. If you cannot afford an expensive way of life, be happy with what you have and learn how to use it. Most of our Kenyan celebs are known for surviving on borrowed money. Some of them will take loans and fail to pay when its due. Others even borrow cars they flaunt to us on social media. Stick to your lanes, please!

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4. Sagging trousers

Nothing pisses off Kenyans like a grown a** man walking around town while sagging trousers showing off their dirty and torn underpants. Some of these Kenyan celebs wear sagging trousers during big events such as Groove Awards and pose for photos on the red carpet. Who is your stylist? Wacheni aibu ndogo ndogo please! No one wants to see your cheap Muthurwa boxer.

5. Courting unnecessary controversy and drama

The self-proclaimed king of bling Jackson Makini aka Prezzo is one of them. He will do anything to remain relevant, but why? If your time is over please pave way for the youngsters and stop courting unnecessary controversy and drama. What Prezzo did the other day is a good example.

6. Running away with hotel and bar bills

If you can’t afford to pay for any meal at a five star or seven-star hotel please don’t even attempt to go anywhere near that place. Stick to chapo madondo or ugali matumbo at your usual kibanda. Wacheni aibu ndogo ndogo tafadhali!

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