Umoinner sacco 350x210 - Meet The Sexiest Umoinner Female Tout Driving Kenyan Men Crazy

The Kenyan matatu industry is just unique.

From its creativity to creating job opportunities, we are very proud of the matatu culture.

With many matatu saccos in the country, there is a lot of competition, but only a few have managed to be the kings of the industry, and Umoinner Sacco is one of them.

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Umoinner is giving its counterparts, the likes of Ongata Rongai, Ngong, Hannover and Otimo (Matatu Saccos), a run for their money.

With more than 100 matatus operating between the CBD and Eastlands route, Umoinner is said to be the best matatu Sacco ever.

Their crew are always on point, i.e. best-dressed, cleanest and treat their customers with respect… Ooh, plus their flashy, trendy and pimped-up matatus are so attractive.

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Well, unlike other matatu saccos that discriminate against women and cannot hire them as drivers or touts, Umoinner has proven to be different. They hire anyone regardless of sex.

They are always on the forefront when it comes to gender equality. Have you seen their sexy female conductor that everyone is talking about?

Hello Team Mafisi, here is her photo:

Umoinner Conductor - Meet The Sexiest Umoinner Female Tout Driving Kenyan Men Crazy

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