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Captain Kale has said that men who make a woman orgasm and are good in bed should be supported by their women. After all hio kazi ni ngumu.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho Kale said,

Hio kazi ni ngumu (s@x), if a man is giving you a good orgasm you should support him.

If he is a one minute man, just dump him. Its not about the time taken but how good you make a woman orgasm.

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Kale goes on to advise men to ensure their women are satisfied before hitting the sack to sleep.

As a man give a woman three or four orgasms before you reach yours.

Kale went on to advise young women not to expect too much from married men, given that they are just using them to fulfil their sexual desires.

You as the other woman don’t ever love me as a married man. just use my money because I will just use you for fun. Men who leave their wives for a mpango wa kando’s are stupid men.

In conclusion, he poses?

If I leave my wife for you what makes you think that I will not leave you for another woman?

Do you think that good s@x is enough to warrant a man to be supported by a woman?

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