facebook 11 350x197 - Facebook lover leaves girl from Mombasa stranded in Kakamega

Police on Monday rescued a girl stranded in Kakamega for three weeks after she was tricked into a relationship with the promise of marriage on social media.

The 17-year-old girl from Mombasa exchanged contacts with a man whom she had fallen in love with on Facebook. After communicating for a short time, the man invited her to Kakamega.

After that the man disappeared and switched off his phone.

“The man got my number from Facebook. He invited me to Kakamega. When I got here he did not show up. He claimed he was stranded in Malava after his car broke down. He sent me money for accommodation and promised to meet me the following day. He never showed up,” the girl said. 

The man called her after a few days and asked that they meet in Shinyalu market.

“I met him and he told me he was busy. He promised to call when he gets time. He switched off the phone and disappeared,” she said.

Kakamega Central police boss David Kabena cautioned young girls not to go for  blind dates. He chipped in and helped the girl to go back to her parents in Bamburi.

“This girl came to Kakamega on July 26. She has been living with a Good Samaritan in Shirere with the hope that her lover would call back and take her to his home,” Kabena said.

“The Facebook man has never showed up called. I’m giving her bus fare to go back to Mombasa. I’m warning young girls not to be involved with people they don’t know, especially on social media. What if something bad happened to this small girl!?” he asked 



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