namu 250x250 - PERFECT MATCH! Check Out Sexy John Namu And His Hot Wife (PHOTOS)

He is the man that left us glued to the TV whenever he graced the screen, doing what he does best and making journalism look easy.

The former KTN investigative reporter, John Allan Namu, left us yearning for more but even after resigning from the Mombasa Road-based media station.

John Namu, who shot to the limelight after his series of investigative shows were aired on KTN, still remains among the best investigative journalists Kenya has ever produced.

The down to earth man is different, especially when it comes to social media where he likes to keep a low profile, away from the public eye.

Unlike local celebrities who parade their families and “expose” their personal issues in public, Namu has always kept his private life under wraps. Does it mean he is lesser than the rest? NO! He is much more mature than them.

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After leaving KTN, John Namu went ahead and formed his own company called Africa Uncensored and now, he has all the freedom to expose what really happens in different parts of Kenya and Africa.

Many of the local media stations restrict their journalists from exposing the rot that happens in their home countries, hence that’s why most of the work is always shoddy.

Well, apart from being a professional journalist, John Namu is also a loving husband and father. Beautiful photos of the renowned journalist and his wife Sheena Makena have emerged and I kid you not, the celebrity couple is a perfect match.

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Don’t they look gorgeous? Hapa John Namu aliangukia. We wish them a long, loving life together.

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