unnamed 14 350x233 - Revealed! Marriage tradition that shocked Linturi and ex-wife

Marianne Kitany and Mithika Linturi had to consume what they had never before as a sign of their newfound love, a Nairobi court heard on Wednesday.

Kitany has told the court that Linturi travelled to Nandi County where they performed a Nandi customary ceremony.

At this ceremony, Linturi, who according to Kitany hated milk, took Mursik as a symbol of agreement between the two families.

Kitany said she had to consume miraa, which had been brought by the delegation from Meru, for the first time in her life.

The Meru also brought Miraa that was shared among guests to show that they are married in line with the Igembe subtribe tradition.

They both sacrificed for the love they had for each other, she told the court in the ongoing divorce proceedings.

Kaitany told the court that Linturi showed elders divorce papers confirming that he was not married.

He later paid Sh100,000 for the cows needed for her dowry according to the Nandi customs.

But in a new twist, Kitany told the court that Linturi may have forged the divorce papers against his then-wife, Mercy Kaimenyi, to woo her.

Kitany wants the court to summon the DCI officers to shed light on an alleged fake divorce case that he gave her and later claimed she forged it.

She claims the report by DCI showed that the signature on the document was that of Linturi.

Kitany told the court that Linturi used the said document to convince her to marry him when he was still married to his second wife.

Kitany also told the court that she only saw the marriage certificate this year when all these years she had a divorce document in her house showing that he had filed for divorce.

Kitany also told the court that Linturi brought a Nissan Xtrail as a gift to his mother-in-law on the same day that the traditional marriage was conducted in Nandi.

The vehicle was however registered in Linturi company name Atticon and its ownership has not been changed up to date, she added.

During the Wednesday proceeding, Linturi’s lawyers opposed a question on consummation of marriage on that night of the customary ceremony.

Kitany also told the court that it was after they got married that people saw a change in him, specifically in grooming.

“I cooked good food for him and took very good care of him,” Kitany said.

She further told the court that she took part in all his campaigns in 2017 and even hosted Meru Governor Kiraitu Murungi in her home with his wife where they strategised on how they would win the elections.

‘I paid his 200k rent before I moved in with him,’ Mithika Linturi’s ex wife

At around 11.45am, Magistrate Peter Gesora stood Kitany down again for the second day as he had a flight to catch.

The case will resume on August 28.


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