unnamed 22 333x250 - Women robs police at gunpoint, drugged and dumped him

It happens all the time.A strange woman gives the come-on to a man in a bar. He takes the bait and buys drinks for her and her friend. He’s looking forward to sex, needs more cash and goes to an ATM.

But in this case on August 11, policeman Arthur Gakuya from Vigilance House was anything but vigilant.

He was robbed at gunpoint, gave up his two ATM cards, PIN numbers and phone. He was drugged and dumped by the road in Kileleshwa. The ladies went on a shopping spree and the cop lost more than Sh450,000, and his pride.

The tale unfolded on Monday in the Milimani law court before chief magistrate Martha Mutuku.

The two women — Peninah Afandi and Everlne Asendi – were charged with administering stupefying drugs and theft. Taxi driver Patrick Kihara Munyinyi was also charged with theft.

All denied the charges and were released on Sh300,000 cash bail.

A fourth man, an accomplice, has not been found because he was not identified from CCTV footage at ATMs or a supermarket where the women went shopping.

This is how it happened:

Gakuya had left Juja where he had visited the construction site for his house and stopped at the Jambo Grill for a meal. He met the two women and looked forward to an evening of pleasure.

Gakuya met Peninah Afandi and Everlyne Asendi. Afandi made eyes at him, pretending to know him. He bought them Sh980 beers.

They took a cab to the Nairobi CBD to the Eureka club on Tom Mboya Street where they continued to drink.

The two women said Gakuya asked for a threesome with them, and they agreed.

Unfortunately, he had run out of cash.

Gakuya told the ladies he needed to withdraw some cash to pay for the rest of the evening.

Afandi called a cab, Gakuya took the cab, withdrew Sh10,000 from an ATM and returned to the bar.

There he met Afandi, Asendi, the taxi driver and another man.

They forced him to get in the cab with them.

After a few metres, the cop was tapped on the back, a gun was pointed at him and he was ordered to surrender the Sh10,000, his ATM cards and to disclose the PIN numbers.

Afandi was sent to confirm whether the PIN numbers were genuine and they were.

Gakuya was driven towards Kenyatta National Hospital and forced to share a drink with the other occupants of the car. He blacked out.

He regained consciousness in Kileleshwa where he had been dumped. A boda boda rider took him home.

Afandi and Asendi withdrew Sh60,000 from his two bank accounts. They went to a supermarket in Donhm area where they bought high-end household electronics and expensive bedding. They paid Sh384,000 using Gakuya’s ATM card.

Asendi confessed everything in a statement to the DCI, including hiring a lorry to ferry the items to their homes, and even how they shared the money.

Detectives recovered all the items suspected to be proceeds of crime, from the women’s homes in Kayole and Umoja.

They also recovered CCTV footage at the ATM booths and supermarket.

The two women were charged on Monday with administering stupefying drugs to Gakuya with intent to commit a felony — stealing from him and stealing his Sh384, 000.

Police return body to morgue after roadside standoff

Afandi and Asendi are charged with administering stupefying drugs to Gakuya in order to steal. They are also charged with stealing Sh60,000 from him. The grand total was about Sh454,000.

The trial of the trio starts on  September 25.

Meantime, police are looking for the man who got away.



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