kiss sexy lips 250x250 - Nairobi Confidential! Inside the life of a Kenyan call girl

Days are gone when prostitution was seen as a profession for outcasts. Nowadays, everyone hungry for quick money is venturing into prostitution either directly or indirectly.

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Well, Mercy, 26, a student at a university along Thika Road, has adopted digital prostitution. She runs an online escort service,

I always post photos of sexy women (not mine) to entice men and per day I get three to five calls from potential clients.

I invite them to my one-bedroom apartment in Roysambu, where I operate with four other women. We parade so he can choose,’ she told


“The client bargains and then we finally agree. We proceed to the bedroom for action.”

We provide exclusive services. From an@l sex to threesomes to orgies. For an@l, we charge Sh20,000 per hour and for normal sex is Sh10,000. For a threesome, the whole night costs Sh100,000.

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Mercy said most of the clients, who ask for threesome are foreigners and pay handsomely

Nigerians, Ghanaians, Arabs, and Congolese love threesomes and orgies. Kenyans are weak and most only ask for one woman.

Mercy further narrated how recently a 60-year-old retired Kenyan politician almost died.

Not so long ago, a 60-year-old Kenyan politician fainted while having a threesome with me and my friend. We gave him blue pills to revive him. That’s when he fainted. There was no ambulance but they said he came around with first aid.

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