Drugs 1 334x250 - Tuache madre: Kenyan man caught with 68 cocaine packets in Thailand

A Kenyan man was on Wednesday arrested by Thailand authorities for allegedly trying to smuggle cocaine into the country at Bangkok airport.

According to Thailand based CNA News, Glenn Chibasellow Ooko had swallowed 68 packets of cocaine and flown from Ethiopia on Monday.

The 43-year-old then proceeded to Suvarnabhumi airport in Thailand where the suspicious contents of his stomach were detected.

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CNA News said x-ray photos provided by the Office of the Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) showed rectangular objects.

Drugs 1 - Tuache madre: Kenyan man caught with 68 cocaine packets in Thailand

It turned out to be 68 cocaine packets weighing 1.2 kilograms.

Thai police reportedly also arrested Osita Joseph Ukpa, a Nigerian national who is alleged to have hired him to smuggle the drugs.

Another prominent drug case is that of Ms Ruweida Bwanahamad, 34 who was arrested in July 2019.

Detectives from the Anti-Narcotics Unit pounced on her at her home in Bamburi Mwisho, Mombasa, where they seized 533.7 grammes of heroin worth Sh1.6 million.

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She was arrested last week alongside her brother-in-law Yahya Abubakar, 24.

Relatives confided to the Saturday Nation that Ms Bwanahamad is the wife of convicted drug trafficker Ahmed Said Bakari, famously known as El-Chapo, while Mr Abubakar is his nephew.

Bakari is serving a 24-year jail term at Shimo la Tewa Maximum Prison in Mombasa after he was found guilty of trafficking heroin worth Sh29 million.

Mr Bakari is also said to have been the mastermind and architect of movement of 9.6 kilogrammes of heroin sized in Kilifi in 2015 aboard the Baby Iris yacht that was blown up in the high seas following an executive order by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He was sentenced alongside a Sychellois, Clement Serge Bristol, who was handed 10 years in jail.

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