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Stella Mwangi better known as STL is one of the top femcees to ever come out of Kenya. At first, just like almost everyone else, the Norway-based lass from Iregi village in Murang’a County was a little-known wannabe.

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She started out small but grew to become one of the best female rappers (and singers) of this generation. She may not have conquered the world yet, but she is slowly and surely getting there.

It’s clear STL has a substantial and concrete musical influence in the region. From her humble beginnings, the Biashara Ni Biashara hitmaker has inspired a lot of budding femcees being among the best in the game.

Away from music, STL is without a doubt one of the sexiest female artistes around. Although they say beauty is in the eye of the ‘beer-holder’, there is no denying that the rapper is endowed with looks to kill.

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She has an amazing figure that always leaves Team Mafisi sweating! And the super hot lass has never shied away from showcasing her sexy looks to the world.

We have sampled the best 10 moments STL took our breath away.

Take a look below;

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