Geoffrey Kwatemba 250x250 - Puzzling details of the kidnaping of former Milele Fm Radio host

Machakos County government communication officer Geoffrey Kwatemba who was missing after a suspected kidnap.

According to his wife, Millie Kwatemba, the journalist was accosted by unknown people along Moi Avenue who bundled him into a vehicle and drove off for about 20 minutes to an unknown location.

The former radio presenter has just come from attending singer Doreen Otipo’s album launch.

Doreen Otip is famed for the song

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At the time, the former radio host was waiting to board a matatu to head to their residence in Nairobi’s Njiru estate.

Geoffrey was quick to send his wife a text message before they could take his phone.

It read:

“Please pray for me. I have been kidnapped by unknown people and we are moving around and I don’t know where we are going.”

He added, “I am in a dark room and I am not even allowed to call.”

The mortified wife rushed to Kayole Police Station where she reported the incident.

It is reported that the abductors asked for a ransom in order to secure his release. Police are investigating the incident that happened on Saturday.

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Today morning, Geoffrey posted on his Facebook page that he is still under captivity and asked for more prayers.

Nashukuru Mungu bado niko hai mikononi mwa hawa wapendwa baada ya masaa 24. Siku moja watamwabudu Mungu wa Kwatemba. Si rahisi kuaminiwa na Mungu, nashukuru maana Mungu amepima uwezo wangu na kiwango cha uvumilivu jinsi alivyo mwamini Ayub. Wimbo wa Bertha Mulengeki – Ameniamini umejaa moyoni mwangu ninapofunga kwa lazima. Endeleeni kurusha mishale kwa maombi. Mungu anajibu maombi. Ahsante kwa maombi, nina ujasiri katika kristo

[I’m glad i’m still alive in the hands of these people after 24 hours. Ome day they will worship the god of Kwatemba. I thank God for testing my faith like Job. Keep praying for me.]

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