D9OdbFlWkAASWcM 350x135 - Urembo tu: Meet Miguna Miguna’s stunning daughter

Miguna Miguna for the first time posted a photo of his beautiful wife as he celebrated her birthday and his daughter on fathers day.

Despite being in the limelight Miguna has always kept his family affairs private.

The outspoken lawyer showered his wife with love praising her for being an organic African beauty.

He wrote,

To my lovely wife, the mother of my children: Happy Birthday and Enjoy Mother’s Day. The struggle is well watered and fertilized by ORGANIC AFRICAN BEAUTY! Aluta Continua! Viva!

D6ZBLmlW4AAnHmF - Urembo tu: Meet Miguna Miguna’s stunning daughter

Sharing a photo of his daughter Miguna wrote,

My daughter’s lovely #HappyFathersDay to me. Viva! #DespotsMustFall

D9OdbFlWkAASWcM - Urembo tu: Meet Miguna Miguna’s stunning daughter
miguna and his daughter

Below are some of the hilarious reaction comments

@Beast wa East: Good luck to the man who will seek her hand, he better cram the constitution before bamboozling his way to Miguna’s doorstep.

@Ifullex: Announce the bride price mheshimwa.

‘Being a handsome singer is not easy!’ Brags gospel artiste Ringtone

@CaptainTeknicsThe NRM general got taste men!!

@jumasteveIt’s because you probably like dehumanizing him. You think that anyone fighting for justice fearlessly is not human.
@Fred_daktariIs she in Kenya? Tupe number tukamjulie hali mzae.
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