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Homeboyz Radio has caused a stir online by unleashing their top 50 best hip-hop personalities of the year.

The list was premiered on Corrine Onyango and Jinx’s show.

Jinx told Mpasho, “Hip Hop’s identity in Kenya has been a great debate since the Kapuka era, fact of the matter is at its core in all these sub-genres (Genge, Kapuka, Shrapuka, Genge tone etc). They all have rap infused”

Adding, “It’s a high time we have the conversation around the culture that inspires our sound, we have the hip hop conversation around USA standards and maybe it’s time we localize our criteria.”

Jinx noted that “Our top 10 features a lot of the new acts because of the uphill task they had of driving Naija music out of our market, it’s a significant cultural shift that cannot be ignored.”

Fans, of course, reacted to the news. Here are some fo their opinions.

Asha Said: Our problematic fave yuko number 25!

De Noo: This one is an insult to Kenyan hip-hop… Kalamashaka performed to a sold-out show in Lagos Nigeria long before bishop Deya had miracle babies.

Job Joab Jb: You are doing injustice to these legends aki… My stomach aches when reading that list why lie.

Mwadumbo Mwadumbo: rappers and choir members from Nairobi🤣🤣🤣

James Getui: This list is corrupted almost all of it, Uko Flani?or you don’t know what hip hop stands for

George Odina: Hapo kwa Abass sina noma but what is Madtraxx doing in position nine???
Are all of these hip hop artists???? The people who came up with this must have been high on ganja.

Stanley Muriuki: When did Timmy start doing rap and you have the guts to leave zero ssufuri out..kweraaaa

MC Sharon: Hii ndio shida ya kuchanganya shaash na magurare. List yenu pia inakaa hivyo hivyo tu. Good thing opinions are like armpits. Everybody is entitled to one. Well done.

Newton Ngugi Muthaba: Why is E-sir not on top 5, he the GOAT for real..Bobby Mapesa can outrap Madtraxx anyday…it needs thorough editing.

Samuel Gatere Ndurumo: Is this by order of greatness?? If so y’all done lost your mind!!

William Lamech: KANTAI NOT IN THE LIST?? then the list is rigged…

Boniface Wangeci: Juliani 43??! that is insulting.

Niite Dinta: How is Swat above E-Sir? Bs.

Werner Cherryot: KITU SEWER Hayuko kwa hii list yenu…nonsense.

Papastathophilious Sokratas: Provisional results au ni final results.

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