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We all know Esther Passaris as a tough, principled and a no nonsense woman. She a philanthropist and a veteran Kenyan politician.

She is among the most respected and admired female figures around. Passari is always in the fore when it comes to supporting women and she recently won the hearts of many after the “My Dress My Choice” campaign.

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Well, apart from being a well-known businesswoman and a politician, Esther Passaris is also a good and loving mother to her two children Makena Maria and Lefteris Ngugi a.k.a Lefty.

They are from her relationship with coffee farmer and Kenya Nut Company billionaire Pius Mbugua Ngugi.

Just like any caring parent, Passaris always creates time to be with her children; they are very disciplined and humble.

Makena and Lefty are rich kids of Instagram and just like their counterparts, these two are indeed living life on the fast lane.

They never lack anything. Thank God for their hardworking parents.

Although they are not a household name like their parents, the rich kids have always left many dying of jealousy.

While their agemates are struggling even to get school fees Esther Passari’s children are lucky.

Meet Passari’s children.

200w - Meet Esther Passaris Children Swimming In Riches (Photos)

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  1. Makena Maria – She is the firstborn

esther passaris daughetr - Meet Esther Passaris Children Swimming In Riches (Photos)

2. Lefty – He is the second born, 16 years old.

esthre pssaris son - Meet Esther Passaris Children Swimming In Riches (Photos)

Note that he is wearing what appears to be a Guccissima leather belt which ordinarily retails at 395$ or 39,500 (give or take).

Gucci belt original - Meet Esther Passaris Children Swimming In Riches (Photos)

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