pastor James Nganga 715x405 350x198 - Pastor Nganga sued for threatening male haters ‘Nitafinya hizo tuvitu’

Controversial televangelist Pastor Ng’ang’a has been sued for threatening and using abusive language and insults directed towards his church’s male members.

According to the suit, the televangelist has been accused of using obscene, abusive or insulting language, against the church male congregants who contribute to his church by virtue of their tithes and offerings.

The language is said to be in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace and more particularly by referring to them as “ng’ombe wewe” and “ng’ombe hizi” which are notorious Swahili derivatives for a foolish person.

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Nganga mpasho2 - Pastor Nganga sued for threatening male haters ‘Nitafinya hizo tuvitu’Ng’ang’a’s remark has been said to be demeaning and derogatory towards clients’ sexual organs equating them to the index finger referring to them as “kakitu” and “tuvitu”.

“That on various dates well within your knowledge without lawful excuse you brawled and/or created a disturbance in the church in such a manner as was likely to cause a breach of the peace and more particularly by threatening to disable our clients’ ability to engage in coitus by use of undisclosed means and or powers and/or by insulting and demeaning our clients’ sexual organs,” the suit letter by Otieno and Amisi Advocates on behalf of the male members of Neno Evangelical Ministries,

The letter said that Nganga’s actions have lowered their clients’ image in the eyes of right-thinking members of society by painting them as ‘fraidy-cat cowards’ who are not only ‘dimwitted and brainless’ but also a ‘contemptibly imbecilic bunch of morons’ and persons with vulnerable and smaller-than-usual male organs.

The televangelist has been asked to withdraw his threats to ‘interfere with the normal functioning of our clients’ male organs’.

Ng’ang’a has been directed to publish an apology in one of the daily newspapers addressed to all the male members of the Neno Evangelical Ministries retracting the words within two days.

Failure to which, the televangelist will pay damages and face a private and criminal prosecution.

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