Bunty Shah with his wife Riya 350x210 - I’m still struggling to come to terms with his death,’ radio presenter remembers hubby

East FM radio presenter Riya Sharma, the widow of Bunty Shah, son to billionaire ( Vipin Shah ) owner of Bobmil industries has penned she is still grieving.

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These pictures are one of my most fondest memories of the Koroga Premiere League at East Fm. This is the year my sweetheart Bunty chose the team name which was MBA (manne badhu avre) and He also brought in a talented band to perform for my team at the KPL. After the band performed several unmarried girls came to investigate whether Bunty had a single brother 🤣 It is also the same year I met Rehmat and she became more than just a friend, Essentially each and every Koroga is a major event for us because of all the drama, fun, masti and competition that unfolds. This year I proudly present to you Riyas ROYAL DHABA! This is a team like no other because not only are we in the semi finals, My team has had discussions, plans and strategies on how to eliminate the competition. Bwahahahaha Join me and support my amazing royal cooks as we get set at the spice lounge to execute the EQUITY BANK KPL but of course in style! #KorogaPremierLeague2019 #EastFMKenya #EastFMDotCom #RadioAfrica #Koroga #EquityBank #kpl2019

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The presenter’s husband was shot by people suspected to be police officers during an operation in October 2017 at his family’s home.

Riya says she’s yet to come to terms with the loss of her husband and has been undergoing counseling sessions.

these past few weeks I have been feeling extremely anxious as October is approaching. October is when my beloved Bunty was killed. It is something I have to live with for the rest of my life and I am still struggling to come to terms with it even 2 years on,’ she wrote in part.

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I take an unblinking look at life in the past year and it hits me hard that my plans of growing old and experiencing life with Bunty went south! I have withstood a hailstorm of pain, continued grief and separation from my best friend! These 365 days have felt like a year without summer and each evening as I reminisced the good times with the solid man I married, I wrote about him so that our son can know him through stories, through my words. I have witnessed how an alpha male of substance operates from very close proximity and sharing that with Yuvraj is my future privilege. Ambitious, generous, humble and a stickler for fairness – I indeed was a VERY LUCKY GIRL! Being married to him was like having desert first! The starters need not ever come now! Bunty Shah. Say his name , He has earned it. #gonebutneverforgotten #oneyear #rip #buntymerijaan

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The multitalented radio presenter advised anyone out there struggling with mental health to seek professional counseling.

Evidently, the anxiety has been so bad that I have had to accept that I need more help besides the normal therapy with my grief counselor that I am still undergoing. I reached out to Shilpa and she has been doing sessions on me and encouraged me to do homework she gave.
Believe it or not after very long today, I woke up feeling better, calmer and more in myself. I am sharing this because I want you to know help is available out there if you are undergoing anything traumatic or struggling with an issue that is affecting you deeply.

Bunty died upon arrival at MP Shah hospital and was later cremated at Hindu Shamshan Bhumi crematorium in Kariorkor, Nairobi County.

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