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Gospel singer Jimmy Gait is currently in India recuperating after receiving treatment.

The Muhadhara hitmaker traveled to India last week for treatment after he was misdiagnosed by local doctors. He was advised that he needs to undergo throat surgery.

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Jimmy Gait has spoken about his condition through his YouTube channel and he said,

When I contacted doctors in Nairobi for treatment, they listened to my case and gave me medication but the problem persisted.

He sought services of two other local doctors before flying to India and they advised that he undergoes surgery ‘without running tests on me’.

‘They were very transactional. They quoted very high figures for me. I could truly tell they were after money not to help me,’ he added.

He decided to seek the services of another doctor specifically from India and after consultation, he said he was shocked by what the medic told him.

‘The operation that was supposed to be done on you would have made you unable to ever sing again. This is because your voice would have permanently changed. You couldn’t have been able to sing’ and to me, that was truly shocking. I couldn’t believe my Ears,’ he explained.

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 Jimmy Gait isn’t happy with Kenyan doctors after they misdiagnosed him and he said,

The first thing they (Indian doctors) ruled out was an operation.

He went through a number of tests to diagnose his problem and they found out what was ailing him.

The problem is because of increased acid production in the stomach. He had an infection and we treated it,’ the doctor said.

Jimmy’ treatment will last around six weeks and he’s happy that he sought the services of a professional in good time.

If Kenyan doctors operated on me, the problem wouldn’t have been sorted out because it’s in my stomach. The doctors here (India) told me it would have graduated into stomach cancer.

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Jimmy Gait is thankful to his fans for the support and he said,

Thank you for pRAYErs  because they change things. God turned my story around. When I was coming here I was afraid of what would happen but tHaNk GOD FOR everything. My voice has been saved, my career and ministry has been saved and I give God all the glory. Thank you for standing with me.

He concluded,

It’s shocking that I would have ended up having stomach cancer but the devil is a liar.

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