BeFunkyCollage6 250x250 - ‘The miraa Linturi gave me symbolized manhood’ – Marianne Kitany

The divorce hearing between Meru senator Mithika Linturi is ongoing. The hearing is in public after Kitany declined to have a private hearing.

Kaitany was expected to complete her testimony and also play several videos showing that she was married to him.

Linturi has also brought a VHS showing his wedding day.

Kitany says she got her marriage decree in December of 2015. Then she was free to marry Linturi in 2016.

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1118565 - ‘The miraa Linturi gave me symbolized manhood’ – Marianne Kitany
Mary Kitany

The wedding was done on March 26.

Kitany has provided a video of photos confirming the traditional wedding to Linturu. They are in a flash disk.

The first photo shows Kitany smiling holding a bunch of miraa.

The second photo shows Linturi and Kitany and a few her uncles. They were describing to her how the Miraa will be a symbol of the marriage.

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Linturi was wearing a blue striped T-shirt. The next photo shows Kitany chewing a leaf of miraa.

The next photo shows Linturi handing over the bunch of miraa to her while having a big smile on his face.

The Miraa handed to her had a symbol of a manhood.

Another photo shows him in Nakuru ready to go to her parents home in Nandi.

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