18noe1 350x206 - Man living in a lorry ‘home’ over rent arrears shocks census enumerators

A 57-year-old man from Kakamega was counted inside a lorry where he lives after being ejected from his house over rent arrears.

Enumerators were shocked upon discovering that Mohamed Muhati has been living in the grounded lorry at a garage in Majengo estate in Embu town.

Muhati presented the lorry as his home and it was even given number 50028/96/E.

The owner of the garage, James Odhiambo, allowed him to live in the lorry following his misfortunes.

Muhati keeps all his personal effects in the lorry which was taken to the garage for repairs. He moved in after he was kicked out of a rented house in Dallas estate within Embu town.

He told reporters he fell sick and plunged into financial problems. His landlord rejected all appeals to give him time to pay the rent and kicked him out.

Muhati said his family is in Kakamega but he could not go back home owing to financial constraints.

“I only have a mattress, some bedding  and a few clothes. I buy food from the kiosks around this place to survive,” he said


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Village elder Faith Wawira said she was informed about Muhati’s dilemma and she directed the enumerators to the lorry to count him.

She called upon well-wishers to come to his help and ensure he gets a decent house to live in.



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