police 350x225 - Kasarani based police officer arrested with bhang in hospital

A police officer was arrested at Mukunga medical centre in Kangundo with bhang and rolling paper.Kasarani-based officer Dunda Kiilu Wilson was arrested on Tuesday at the medical facility by his colleagues on patrol.

The officers nabbed Wilson following an alarm after he assaulted and destroyed properties of unknown value, according to a police report.

The officer allegedly assaulted clinical officer Evans Okengo who was on duty, prompting medical colleagues to contain him in one room before raising the alarm.

“The situation was contained by officers who were on patrol who arrested the suspect and upon conducting a quick search, he was found being in possession of one stone of cannabis sativa and one packet of rizla which was hidden inside the pocket of his jacket in a red bag,” the OB report said.

Police said Wilson’s motive for visiting the hospital was to see a patient who was being treated there.

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Police said officer would be charged with possession of anarcotic drug, assault and creating a disturbance.



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