Rongai Matatus 350x210 - The Worst Behaviours Of Kenyans Who Use Public Transport

It’s been a great year and we thank God. We have seen a rapid growth especially in the transport industry and we are certain that 2017 will be the bomb.
The matatu industry has proved to be one of the most profitable businesses around and if you are keen enough, you will see many brand new matatus on our roads despite the harsh economic times.

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Well, many Kenyans use public transport but even though they pay for the services, there are some who have bad manners.

From shouting to eating in public service vehicles, they are very annoying and make other passengers on board uncomfortable.

Well, as from next year, we hope you are going to have some manners and respect those you use public transport.

Here are 8 worst behaviours of Kenyans who use public transport:

  1. Using phones within the CBD

“Dear passenger; this is a public transport vehicle. Kindly take care of your language and don’t use your phone until you reach your destination!”

This is one of the many messages in PSVS warning their customers of pickpockets but there are some people especially the youth who do not adhere to this.

They will go on and take out their phones, start Facebooking and play Candy Crush forgetting that they are seated next to the window. Once the phone is snatched, they start crying and begging for help. But why? Weren’t you warned?

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2. If you have kids please ensure they sit

There are these types of parents who travel with more than one kid (mark you they are above 5 years old) using public transport but don’t even pay fare for them. The kids stand throughout the journey and some are even forced to sit on the floor of the bus making it difficult for other passengers to move freely in the bus.

3. Eating

A matatu/bus/train is not a hotel where you can eat how you want. If you are hungry kindly eat your food before boarding any Psv. Some people take fruits e.g bananas and throw the peels inside the bus and if someone steps on it, he will definitely fall down and even end up with a broken limb. Mkome hii tabia!

4. Farting

If you know you have a bad stomach please stay at home. Some people have bad manners of farting in matatus leaving other commuters uncomfortable. Is that not witchcraft? People should stop such kinds of behaviours.

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5. Occupying 2 seats

If you know you are fat please pay for the 2 seats you’ve occupied. We have heard or rather seen matatu crew engaging in fights with such people. Most of them will occupy a lot of space and refuse to pay. Kama huwezi lipia viti mbili nunua gari lako!

6. Refusing to open windows when it’s stuffy

These are the types of people who will let you ‘shuka upande fridge ama tembeanga na fan’.

7. Sitting with legs apart

This is public transport for heaven’s sake! Sit well so your neighbour can be comfortable. Don’t sit as if you are roasting maize somewhere in the village. Respect others!

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