Team Mafisi 350x210 - 7 Types Of Men You Find At Every Work Place

Working for the first time (especially for ladies) can be hard at times. In most cases, first-timers encounter a lot of challenges at their workplace but after some time, everything becomes normal.

They say every market has a madman and so are our workplaces.

Below are is a list of the seven types of men you will find at every office or workplace.

  1. The classic man

He is that man who is always smart 24/7. He is the best dressed, wears spectacles, neatly coiffed hair, drives an expensive car and women soak their pants wet when they see him. He is eye candy as well. He is always on time, great job and if he talks to you, my dear lady, you’ve made it! Classic men are always choosy, they don’t just give everyone their time or private number.

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2. Mafisi

Wololo! These are king Solomons of any workplace. They are random men who will salivate over anything in a skirt and give credits where it is not due. Mafisi are those men who make sexual comments about your body. They know when you aren’t putting on a bra when your ass and boobs have increased in size and even when you have gone commando. They will brand you sweet names such as mcute, sweetheart, the only one, queen etc. They are the men who will take pics of you and post in Whatsapp groups and ask their fellow fisis, “Anaweza ama hawezi?”.

Dear ladies, do not entertain such men. Actually, if you can keep away from them. No, if you can grab your skirt from around your knees and run away from them in the opposite direction, screaming for help. If you can!

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3. Absent-minded

This is that one lad in the office who has no idea of what’s going on at the office. You ask him a question, he can’t answer; just so he seems like he has a clue, he will respond and that answer will leave you that much more confused, instead of taking you east – where you should be heading, he will take you south – far away from your destination. Epuka yeye.

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4. The storytellers

Also referred to as the attention seeker. This is the guy who likes telling stories whether they are true or false. He will make sure he has your attention and goes ahead to narrate things that even happened during the 17th century. He will narrate to you how Mau Mau fighters fought for our independence as if he was among them yet he knows nothing about what happened.

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5. The cool guy

He is always calm and collected. He rarely talks and when he talks, he speaks sense. Most of the cool guys are always smart minded and rarely will you find them hanging out with office colleagues. Cool guys don’t walk in groups. 2-3 is the maximum number. They are usually late.

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6. The ass kisser

He is that one colleague who befriends very boss or anyone in the management department. He is also known as a bootlicker. He spends most of his time at the bosses offices telling lies about his fellow colleagues instead of working. Saitan ashindwe.

7. The gossiper

They are also known as wanaume kama mabinti. These type of men are worse than murderers! They like spreading rumors and gossiping a lot. They are the ones who will move from one colleague to another telling them how you and Alex were dancing suggestively at the Christmas party and even left together.

Businessmen Whispering over cubicle - 7 Types Of Men You Find At Every Work Place

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