Prostitutes 1 350x202 - Mzee ni wewe! Meet the Nyeri grannies who are prostitutes

Gone are the days when prostitution was considered a preserve of the young, grannies in Nyeri have joined the business and they have no regrets.

The women who live in Chaka ‘sell their bodies to earn money to be able to sustain the grandkids left behind by their kids.

Speaking during an interview with Mt Kenya TV, the women said that the tough times have made them get into the sex trade.

Immaculate Wanja (not her real name) is a quarry worker who is a twilight granny when darkness looms.

We sell ballast after a month at Ksh 3000 when we sell at Ksh 3500 they refuse to buy.

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Mukami 70 (not her real name) says that despite being looked down upon, prostitution gives her, her daily bread.

Back in the day, I would fill a lorry with ballast in a week but it is because I had energy.
Right now I have no more energy.

Every day I must drink which goes at Ksh 50 before going home. I have five kids and my daughter has three kids.

Asked on how they deal with their clients Mukami said,

You come to an agreement that he gives you flour and money.

Sometimes he might just give you Ksh 200 given that he also does not have a lot of cash to spare.

Before going out to seal the deal with their prospective clients, Wanja passes by a bar to ‘calm her nerves’.

‘My boyfriend spends sh 6,000,000 on prostitutes every year’ says girlfriend

Juliah Wambui (Not her real name) also lives in Nyeri and has been a prostitute for 20 years.

According to Juliah she and her clients do not have enough cash to go to lodgings hence prefer open fields.

‘I go with men my age, we use this field because we don’t want to be seen by people.

When my client and I come to an agreement I cannot ask for money, first. I ask for a beer.

However, I do not allow myself to get drunk.

Many people enjoy making love on the grass you get done with your business and go home.

Once I get home I take a shower and go out again to see if I will get another customer.

Julia said that she always uses protection as she does not want to get infected.

I go back to a club, a different one from where I picked my first customer, I always ensure I use a condom.
I have condoms in my house. I would never want my grand-kids to know what I do.
They have tried asking me where I go at night but I never tell them.

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