KAYOLE MATATU2 350x180 - Utashangaa! Here Are The Latest Sheng Words From Kayole

The topic about which Nairobi’s estate is the top when it to fashion, coolest matatus, hottest chicas and eShengheng language has always been debatable among social groups.

Back in the day, Buru Buru, Komarock, Lang’ata were some of the coolest estates but nowadays, they are nowhere to be heard. Umoja, Rongai, Ngong, Kayole have stolen their limelight.

Apart from the flashy matatus from these estates, Kayole is also known as a home for city criminals and the top Eastlands estate has been in the headlines of late. Everyone is talking about Kayole and of course for all the wrong reasons.

Ni Kubaya! Three Notorious Kayole Thugs Gunned Down, Nairobi’s Fierce Cop Hessy Speaks Out

Well, despite all the negativity, Kayole estate is still number one when it comes to innovating the sheng language. They are the trendsetters. They lead and others follow.

Below are the latest Sheng words from Kayole that will leave you mouths wide open.

  1. Ndoko-girl

2. Ngwelo-bangi

3. Pira-gari

4. Kae-sex

5. Marima/banka-nyumba

6. Mbulu-tv

7. Tonje-laptop

8. Mloite-choo

9. Kighonyi-dere

10. Oboho-gun

11. Musu-bullet

12. Ngive/ikombe-bank

13. Tokomona-kulala

14. Njege/bist-police

15. Tutu-kua Muoga

16. Mrazi ama mnywenywe – a snitch or an informer

Here are some more from the school of Sheng-ducation

Ndenga , mchuma – a real gun
Dikwara , namba mbili – a homemade gun
Musu, itoka, itos, – a bullet
Tenje, dura , toko ,- a phone
Ngombe – a smart phone
Tulutulu – a mulika mwizi phone
Broka v. – bravia
Ngive , ikombe – bank
Njege, sanse – a police officer
Bazenga – the big man
Msanii – a thug
Mboka , round – thugs at work
Koto , jems – house robbery using a master key
Puff – house robbery by breaking of the door
Tisa, nyongolo , lock – kunyongwa
Bumburusha – more than 5thugs at work robbing people in broad daylight
Baki ,- dying
Petco – rings
Ndondo, – jail
Mbwenya- court
Gede, tei , maji – booze
Ngale, ngem – cigarette
Ndom, vela, – weed
Jaba – muguka
Miti – veve
Mukuru – an elderly lady
Mwere ,- fala
Zamwa – being pick pocketed
Mtiecha, mbanyu, mabungu – a house
Fafiri, arif – a friend
Bilaa – a knife
Chura – ugly business
Monkey – monkey business
Riba – stories / job depending on where you coming from
Tingting, shegera – police chains
Tonje – laptop
Poko, kuro – a whore
Mamu, denge ,quella, mkoba, keki- a girl
Lamba lolo – ( I think by now y’all know the meaning)

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