date 350x242 - Mr Mkunaji to Mr Desperado: Types of Men you will meet when dating

Dating is a gamble, you never know what kind of man you might end up with and the craziest thing is that love makes us do stupid things.

Below are types of boyfriends you are likely to meet in the dating scene.

1. The obsessed boyfriend

These are the kinds of boyfriends who want to know where you are, who you are with and what you are doing.

In short, they need a schedule of your everyday activity.

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2. The mama’s boy

This is the kind of boyfriend who must tell their mum everything about your relationship.

Such men are a pain in the a$$ given hamuwezi enda mbali.

Such men never want to move away from their mother’s compounds despite having well-paying jobs.

3. Mr. Desperado

Such men can leave you drained, they will like everything you do, laugh at your every joke no matter how dry it is.

Such men do not have a say and whatever you say is final.

These men will go to any lengths to please you but sadly the feeling is never mutual.

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4. Mr Mkunaji

These men are usually very good when it comes to bedroom matters but very irresponsible when it comes to taking up responsibilities.

Ladies, do not let your body confuse you when it comes to such men.

5. The stalker

We all have this one man who never wants to leave our lives despite the clear signs that they are not needed.

They will call you with private numbers, open social media accounts just to stalk you and see whether you got married, how many kids you have and how sexy you have become.

6. The player

These boyfriends will have girlfriends in every estate but will still have the guts to tell you ‘Babe you are my only one’.

Even in hell, such boyfriends will find no vacancy.

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