Cheating wife 350x210 - Saitan! Lady finds out her BFF is sleeping with her father

A disgruntled city woman has exposed her best friend for sleeping with her father.

According to a screenshot going round, this lady slept with her BFFs boyfriend. When the Bff found out, she revenged by sleeping with her pal’s father and now they’re dating.

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The lady threatened to teach her now stepmother a lesson.

Let me tell you b***h, hautakula pesa yake (my Father) kama ya hao wanaume wengine. [You won’t squander his cash the way you did with other men you’ve dated]. I Am hunting you down for good,’ the angry lady wrote to her BFF.

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But all didn’t go well, she savagely responded back.

Are you threatening your stepmother? Your Father knows you are my friend and there is nothing you can do. So my Dear step daughter, please don’t annoy your step mom unless you want to be cursed.

Check out the screenshot

Cheaterhh - Saitan! Lady finds out her BFF is sleeping with her father

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