leto 333x250 - ‘I fear for my life,’ Citizen TV’s Stephen Letoo cries

Citizen TV’s reporter Stephen Letoo says his life is in danger. Letoo, who has been covering the Mau evictions, has been threatened by several individuals.

These shadowy individuals claim he is biased in reporting the Mau Forest saga. Some even branded him a tribalist

Stephen Letoo - ‘I fear for my life,’ Citizen TV’s Stephen Letoo cries

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Some online users threatened the journalist, wishing him death.

Letoo srte - ‘I fear for my life,’ Citizen TV’s Stephen Letoo cries

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Mpasho Mau evictions

Speaking to Mpasho.co.ke, the journalist said,

I fear for my life. I’ll record a statement with DCI today.

He is currently trending on Twitter under hashtag #ProtectStephenLetoo.

Fidel Rafiki Journalists like @SteveLetoo are the people we want,. People who work with no fear.

Alboh Nyakwara #ProtectStephenLetoo Those threatening the lives of journalists are the people who don’t want the country to move forward. It is this time that citizens should know the developments in Kenya but unfortunately, the media is being attacked for doing its work

Martin There is NOTHING RIGHT about women, children, elderly and sick people being kicked out of their homes. They may be in the wrong place but there is a better way to do it. BUT you’all DON’T CARE because you ARE NOT KALENJINS! Fucked up people!! #ProtectStephenLetoo

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Ngunzi Mwatu It is sad to see journalists being attacked while on their work to sensitize the public. I don’t think that @SteveLetoo had any personal interest in Mau. Forest. Therefore there’s need to #ProtectStephenLetoo and stop politicking.

Sir Paul There should never be an excuse to lay hands on a journalist whether be they dark, light-skinned, tall, short, thin, fat, attached, freelance, married, single, male, female, Luo, Kamba or Maasai like Letoo. #ProtectStephenLetoo

Calystus Murunga #ProtectStephenLetoo those targetting @SteveLetoo
should try that in Haiti and not Kenya. Shame on any politician who thinks he he threaten a life

Isaac Saningo Letoo is unbiased, He is one of the best journalists Kenya will ever have.Let him execute his duties peacefully. After all Mau Forest eviction is a Government directive.

Bryon Aduda We won’t accept to stay in the dark when our journalists are being attacked by the goons. it’s our right to free unbiased information
@citizentvkenya @DCI_Kenya

Calystus Murunga Stephen is just a journalist doing his job to pay his bills. Why do politicians think they can take someone’s life just like that? A big shame and we know them.

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