Rongai Matatus 350x210 - Matatu industry! Here are the 8 types of touts/makangas in Nairobi

Matatus are the easiest mode of transport in Kenya.

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Known for its uniqueness, Kenya has witnessed a rapid growth over the past 1 years in the matatu culture, and we’re proud of it. With thousands of matatus operating in the city, there are some characteristics or rather types of matatu touts (makangas) who work in this industry and below is the list.

  1. Mafisi Sacco

Nothing in a skirt can pass them. They will always call you sweet names such as honey, my love, madam, size yangu just to get your attention.

2. Kind-hearted

Despite the notion that most touts are inhumane, arrogant and unkind people, there are those who are actually good. We’ve heard stories about humble and well-mannered touts who return valuables and money that passengers forget in matatus.

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3. Roho safi

They are heaven sent. These lot help the disabled, elderly, pregnant women and any other person suffering from other conditions. They are the unsung heroes. It’s high time the government starts rewarding such people.

4. Thieves

Those who run away with customers change pretending they don’t have change.

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5. Rude and abusive 

No one ever wishes to meet such. They are inhuman, cruel and are associated with all bad things. From abusing passengers to calling them all sorts of names, most matatu touts are believed to have originated from hell.

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6. The untidy ones

They are a turn-off. They stink and this makes it uncomfortable for passengers on board. Ogeni priss!

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 7. Those who collaborate with thieves to steal from passengers
Most of the cases where passengers are robbed on board, touts are always involved. They protect thieves.
8. The cute and tidy
Not all the matatu touts stink like rotten garbage. There is quite a number who observe cleanliness. They are always clean from morning to evening and love their job. It’s hard to receive negative comments about such touts. Kudos!
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