71U1oJDrjFL. SX700  350x211 - Mambo mbaya! Signs that she will sleep with your friends

Cases of women cheating on their spouses are not alien to us.

Such cases trend mostly on social media and how do you tell that your better half has a roving eye?

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Well, below are signs that she can sleep will your friends.

  1. Good dancer

If she’s good at whining her waist and pulling great moves in the dance floor, watch out bro. If she’s always comfortable dancing with your boys and forgets about you anytime you’re out, be ready for anything. She will probably sleep with your line up.

2. Makeup pro

Nowadays most of the Instagram models are makeup pros too. They will do their make up nicely, hide all the pimples and black spots under the heavy makeup and go out there to confuse men. Most men are always deceived by looks and if her makeup is always on point, think twice.

maxresdefault 31 - Mambo mbaya! Signs that she will sleep with your friends

3. Nose ring 

That’s just one of the characteristics of Fuck girls. Kaa chonjo brathe! Before you start a relationship with such a woman make sure you visit a counselor for counseling or else you’ll die of depression.

Always comfortable around your male friends. Your woman should not be too comfortable around your friends. In fact, she’s not supposed to entertain them or chat behind your back, such a woman will bed anyone in your circle.

71U1oJDrjFL. SX700  - Mambo mbaya! Signs that she will sleep with your friends

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4. Drinks cheap alcohol 

She will be an easy target to predatory men, especially if you, her boyfriend, has no cash to buy her that 450ml of her cheap poison.

6. One who always supports your friends whether you’re on the right or wrong 

She has probably identified a potential and wants to taste another banana. Stay woke

7. When your friends come over and always suggests that they should spend the night.

If the house is yours and insists that your male friends can sleep over, throw all of them out. Do not entertain such. If you don’t, the next thing you’ll hear they’re an item.

8. And lastly, one who has a good taste in music.

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