unnamed 11 350x233 - ‘Businessman Bryan Yongo threw me to the ground and stepped on my back,’ says ex-lover

A woman who cohabitated with debt collector Bryan Yongo told a Nairobi court that she miscarried three years ago after the businessman severely beat her.

Anne Wambui says in an affidavit that nothing was done to Yongo even after she reported the frequent beatings at Muthangari police station.

“On the day I miscarried, Yongo had thrown me on the ground and stepped on my back. It was in August 2016. I had gone to his house to collect money for maintenance and upkeep.

“He met me at the gate and in front of the taxi driver who had taken me there, he beat and threw me on the ground and stepped on my back,” she says.

Wambui, who has a five-year-old child with Yongo, says she lost a lot of blood and had to undergo a blood transfusion at Nairobi Hospital where she was admitted for five days.

“There were many other assaults and physical beatings which were not documented,” says the affidavit. The businessman used to take her to hospital every time she suffered serious injuries during the beatings.

The affidavit has an annexe dated 4 September 4, 2019, from the Aga Khan Hospital confirming that in April 2015 she was attended to at the facility after she was allegedly assaulted by Yongo.

Wambui, through lawyer Joy Ochieng, says it was difficult for her to keep a job in Kenya due to assaults and harassment. She eventually secured employment in Kuwait to provide for her two children.

But Yongo was not happy and he obtained an order from the Nairobi Children’s Court dated February 20, 2017,  stopping her from leaving.  She maintains that she is not married to Yongo.

 “I obtained employment in Kuwait and was ready to travel there as can be seen from my medical certificate, entry visa and plane ticket.  But on August 22 when I attempted to travel, the immigration officials refused to let me board the plane,” she says.

The Immigration officials took her passport and told her to report to Nyayo House.

She fears she will lose the job and suffer if she does not return to her place of work.

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She wants the court to set aside the order to enable her travel and to release her passport.


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