boda1 350x226 - How Kenyatta University phased out knife wielding boda boda operators

The Kenyatta University boda boda Sacco is gradually winning the confidence of students after earlier cases of students falling victims of knife-wielding boda boda operators.

The Sacco has come up with stringent rules supported by a government directive that motor bike transport operators form groups and clearly identify themselves and the routes within which they operated.

Students have expressed their satisfaction with the boda boda workers operating outside the institution for their honesty, diligence and commitment to duty.

Alvin Kimani a Kenyatta University boda boda savings and credit cooperative society official told KNA at his place of work that there were 71 riders most of whose clients were students from the university.

Kimani who is always in a green garment for ease of identification during crisis makes sure that the riders who ferry students were from the Sacco and that every operator gets to attend to one passenger only.

“We have made sure that only riders registered with the Sacco are operating here so that we can monitor them closely and also find ways in which we can improve our services from the passengers who always report to us cases of mischief,” he said.

Grace Akinyi, a gender and development studies student told KNA yesterday that the formation of Kenyatta university boda boda savings and credit cooperative society was important as it helped tame the riders from preying on the institution’s students.

“Any recklessness or misbehavior is usually reported by the clients to the Sacco so it is difficult for the riders to misbehave lest they be reprimanded,” Akinyi said.

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According to the student, she has used the riders from the Sacco on several occasions to traverse her home and Kenyatta Market commonly known as KM where she resides which has made her interact with some of the operators. She further stated that the fact that the riders were known to students would cushion them from any criminal activities.

The Sacco does not have an office and its officials who have distinctive attire patrol outside Kenyatta University making sure that the riders adhere to the stipulated rules and regulations.

According to Kimani, the Sacco has helped keep away those with intentions of robbing the students.

“Students have narrated how they were robbed at knife point by thugs who had infiltrated the business which made them to abandon the mode of transport especially at night,” Kimani said.

Ms. Akinyi said that KU boda boda Sacco had regained the trust of many students who normally used the means of transport and it would be helpful to the newly enrolled university students in the 2019/2020 year who reported a week ago.

Last year, boda boda operators were urged to form savings and credit cooperative societies (Sacco) by Transport Principal Secretary Paul Maringa as part of efforts to bring sanity to the sector.

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He said it should be done in accordance with the National Transport and Safety requirements that stipulated no one should operate a boda boda if not a Sacco member.

KNA By Harry Kamanda

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