Tob Cohen 350x233 - Tob Cohen’s letter written 8 days before he disappeared emerges

Indeed there is no perfect crime.

Eight days before murdered Dutch billionaire Tob Cohen disappeared, he penned a letter detailing why he fears for his life.

Cohen was reported missing on July 20 and the search for him ended when his badly decomposed body was discovered inside a septic tank in his compound on Friday afternoon, September 13.

In a letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji dated July 12 which was also copied to the Inspector-General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, the late tycoon outlined how his marriage has turned into a living hell.

Instructions from the grave! Tob Cohen throws wife out of the mansion

Screen Shot 2019 09 13 at 6.20.19 PM - Tob Cohen’s letter written 8 days before he disappeared emerges
Tob Cohen

The letter was sent through his lawyers Musyoki Mogaka and Co advocates.

“Unless your offices act speedily and accordingly, our client will continue to suffer humiliation, discrimination, and persecution because he is not a Kenyan national, which is wrong, distasteful and unfortunate,” wrote Cohen.

He also pointed out that instruments of justice were being abused to make his life hard.

“My client is astonished at the manner in which the law is being applied to his disadvantage since no step has been taken by police officers at Parklands Police Station to prosecute Ms. Wairimu despite enough evidence demonstrating her guilt.”

‘There is no perfect crime!’ DCI Kinoti shocked by Tob Cohen’s mutilated body

Screenshot from 2019 09 03 064737 - Tob Cohen’s letter written 8 days before he disappeared emergesWhen Cohen’s body was unearthed in an underground tank in the residence is Kitisure, DCI George Kinoti was shocked at the state the body was in.

“He was bound, hands, legs, and the neck, before he was murdered and then they hid him in an underground water tank,” a visibly shaken Kinoti told members of the press.

“Cohen was murdered in his own residence. It is a gruesome murder. They took their time to kill innocent Cohen. I will not describe much now, but in the subsequent unfolding of events,” Kinoti added.

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