akwende uko khaligraph jones attacks dj pinye - ‘Akwende uko,’ Khaligraph Jones attacks DJ Pinye

Beef alert? Award-winning rapper Khaligraph Jones has told off veteran deejay DJ PInye. View this post on Instagram Am Back, SUPERMAN Was In Krypton for a short Visit, Whats new, Nani hao wanatukanana sasa? Nani ameshinda? #respecttheogs💯💯💯 #mrinternational A post shared by Khaligraph jones (@khaligraph_jones) on May 14, 2019 at 11:13am PDT The Mazishi hitmaker, […]

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photos grandpa records launches its new offices after re branding - Photos: Grandpa Records launches its new offices after re-branding

Popular record label Grandpa Records has officially resumed operation. The record label which is known for its mega hits while working with artists such as DNA, Kenrezy, Visita, opened it’s doors on Saturday as Grandpa Dynamics. It’s new offices are now located at Ngumo and not in Kibera. The founder and CEO of the label, Yusuf Noah, popularly known as Refigah posted the announcement on social media sharing that his business has grown from just a record label to a visual production, marketing and PR firm too. Comeback Songwriter singer and producer Visita, rappers Kenrazy, Sosuun, Dufla, DNA, and Gin Ideal have all left the label in the last two years but while announcing his comeback this year, Refigah promised that Grandpa Dynamics will look for more younger and better talented after starting operation.

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25 kenyan hit songs that were released in march 2019 - 25 Kenyan hit songs that were released in March 2019

Here are 25 songs which were released by Kenyan artists in February 2019 in no particular order. 1. Arrow Bwoy ft Demarco – Love Doctor 2. Masauti ft Khaligraph – Kiboko 3. Kelechi Africana – Superwoman 4. King Kaka – East Kwa Mabeast 5. Otile Brown ft Khaligraph – Japo Kidogo 6. Willy Paul ft Nandy – Hallelujah 7. Ochunglo Family ft The Kansoul – Na Iwake (Remix) 8. Moji Short Baba ft Des – Fiti Sana 9. Sudi Boy – Barida 10. Ethic – Pandana 11. Redsan – Rio 12. Magix Enga – Gwala 13. Justo – Good Time 14. Nazizi ft Padi – No Shida 15. DNA – Ok Alright 16. Rankaddah ft Red Acapella ft King Pheleze – Zem Daddy 17. Dazlah ft Jua Cali – Zigi Zaga 18. Stonee Jiwe – Okay 19. Mr. Seed ft Solomon Mkubwa – Upo 20. Guardian Angel – Mercy 21. Just Imagine Africa ft Kemunto – Like Heaven 22. Bobby Mapesa, Calvo Mistari ft Shappaman – Niko Sawa 23. Zikki – Welcome To Kenya 24. Hopekid – Nakupenda 25. Pro ft Dougie Fresh – Party With You #PlayKeMusic

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isuzu east africa co operative bank announce daily repayment asset finance scheme - Isuzu East Africa & Co-operative Bank announce ‘daily repayment’ asset finance scheme

Wednesday 27th March 2019, Nairobi: Leading local vehicle assembler Isuzu East Africa (Isuzu EA) and Co-operative Bank of Kenya, have today announced a daily repayment asset finance partnership that seeks to address financial challenges faced by customers who reconcile their profits and losses daily. The partnership, which is the first ever in Kenya, offers customers an option to repay their loans on a daily basis and is expected to take away the anxiety of an expected huge amount payment required at the end of the month, making it of the easiest and most affordable way to own Isuzu pickups and trucks. Speaking on this development, Isuzu EA Managing Director Rita Kavashe noted that this program provides an opportunity for daily reconciliation customers to invest and grow their businesses. “Our decision to partner with Coop Bank was informed by their business DNA, dealing with our customer base, the SMEs, their deep understanding of customer cash generation; and experience with SME customers’ business cycles. Today, we are happy to announce to a partnership that will see SMEs enjoy a raft of benefits,” said Rita. “We strongly believe that this partnership will enable SMEs grow their business without affecting their cash flow,” added Rita. Co-operative Bank Director for Retail & Business Banking, Mr. Arthur Muchangi emphasized the need for SMEs to take this opportunity to re-tool and renew their motor vehicle fleet at very affordable terms. “Our message to customers is simple; if you desire to purchase an Isuzu bus, an Isuzu truck or a pick-up such as the famous D-Max, this is the best time. Through this partnership between Isuzu and Co-op Bank, customers will get up to 95% financing to purchase the vehicle of their choice, and in addition be given a whole two months to use the vehicle before they…

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mtaachana tu tina kagia tells ex husband jb masandukus new bae 460x320 - Mtaachana tu! Tina Kagia tells ex-husband JB Masanduku’s new bae

Comedian JB Masanduku fiancée recently met his ex-wife Tina Kaggia for the first time since he signed the divorce papers. “Tina met my fiancée, Jackie Karanja and they talked. What I remember her telling Jackie is that we won’t last and she laughed about it,” JB told Mpasho.co.ke He continued, I don’t know if she […]

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how melinda gates draws inspiration from kenyan data collection trip 460x320 - How Melinda Gates draws inspiration from Kenyan data collection trip

During her visit to Kenya in 2016, Melinda Gates knocked on several doors in Nairobi slums.  She was accompanied by Christine Wangeci, a data collector. 

Christine works with the PMA2020, a data collection facility for family planning, water and sanitation. Many of the women they met had never been asked questions about their lives before. 

Christine said whenever she knocks on a woman’s door and explains that she’s there to learn more about her, it sends a message to that woman that she matters—that someone cares about her. 

In the latest annual letter, Melinda says this struck her as a powerful point. 

“What we choose to measure is a reflection of what society values. That’s why when it comes to understanding the lives of women and girls, the world can’t accept ‘I don’t know’ as an answer,” Melinda writes. 

In the 2019 Annual Letter, Things We Didn’t See Coming, Melinda and Bill Gates share nine things that have surprised them over the course of their nearly 20 years of work together in global health and development. 

In one of the topics, the two address reasons why data can be sexist.  Melinda says they could easily have spent the whole letter talking about the role data plays in improving the lives of the poor. 

“Data leads to better decisions and better policies. It helps us create goals and measure progress. It enables advocacy and accountability. That’s why the missing data about women and girls’ lives is so harmful. It gets in the way of helping them make their lives better,” she says. 

Who, for instance, knows how much income women in developing countries earned last year? How much property do they own? Or how many more hours do girls spend on household chores than boys? 

“I don’t know. Neither does anyone else. The data just doesn’t exist,” Melinda says. 

She notes the little available data on women is mostly about their reproductive health—because in places where women’s primary role in society is being a wife and mother, that’s what researchers tend to focus on. 

“When such flawed data is all you have to go on, it’s easy to undervalue women’s economic activity—and difficult to measure whether women’s economic condition is improving,” she says.  

Three years ago, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation made a big investment to start filling some of these data gaps. 

“We are part of a network of organisations working to accelerate a gender data revolution—from empowering data collectors with new tools and training to breaking down existing datasets by gender to mine them for insights,” Melinda says. 

Bill adds: “You can’t improve things if you don’t know what’s going on with half the population. There’s no good reason for that, now that technology makes it so much easier to gather data.” 

Christine Wangeci works with the PMA2020, a data collection facility for family planning, water and sanitation.

In their letter, the two philanthropists also talk about the importance of investing in Africa’s growing population of young people. 

“The world keeps getting older, but Africa stays (nearly) the same age. It sounds confusing, but it makes sense when you break it down,” says Bill. 

He notes while the median age in USA is 35, in Africa it is just 18 years and it will remain this way for a long time. 

In Kenya, the median age is 18 as well, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. 

“There are a lot of reasons for this. One is that the annual number of births is going up in the poorest parts of sub-Saharan Africa, even as it goes down in other parts of Africa. This can be either an asset or a source of instability,” Bill says.

 The two call for investment in human capital in Africa – that is, improving access to high quality health and education. 

They predict that young Africans will shape the future of not only their own communities but the entire world. 

“If sub-Saharan Africa commits to investing in its young people, the region could double its share of the global labor force by 2050, unlocking a better life for hundreds of millions of people,” says Melinda Gates. 

Bill and Melinda also address other topics like greenhouse gas emissions, how DNA tests can prevent premature births, anger management, globalism and investment in global health, toilets, why textbooks are becoming obsolete, and how mobile phones empower women.

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40 of kenyan men who do paternity tests are sadly finding out mtoto si wako 460x320 - 40% of Kenyan men who do paternity tests are sadly finding out, “MTOTO SI WAKO!”

The issue of paternity is one that many fathers have secretly pondered the world over for eons and eons. Thing is, in the past, before DNA tests, there was no way for a man to know for sure if a child was truly his. A well-worn phrase explains this dilemma:   Maternity is a matter of fact, whereas paternity […]

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